The best beach clubs in the Netherlands

Today Amsterdamshots visited the Dutch coast in stead of the Amsterdam city center. Noordwijk was our final destination and we decided to visit some popular beach clubs. Amsterdamshots made a top 3 of the best beach clubs you can visit in Noordwijk.

1. Alexander Beach Club

After a long day at the beach we started to get hungry, so we decided to go for a lunch at Alexander Beach Club. A great place to relax and to enjoy the sun. The menu was quite comprehensive so it was quite hard to make a choice, in a positive way. We decided to go for a salmon and a carpaccio with bread. We really enjoyed our lunch and the relaxed atmosphere outside at the terrace. Fast service, friendly staff and affordable rates. Besides lunch you can also have a breakfast in the morning, perfect if you’re early on the beach on a lovely sunny day. Below you can find an impression of the beach club.

Entree Beachclub Alexander Noordwijk

Beachclub Alexander

Carpaccio Beachclub Alexander

Lunch zalm beachclub Alexander


2. Beachclub O.

A lot of people who have ever visited Noordwijk, are familiar with Beachclub O. This beachclub is known for the great atmosphere, lovely food and the seaside view. Don’t forget to take the camera with you, cause this is one of the moments that you need to capture when you are in Holland.

Terras Beachclub O

Terras Beachclub O

Borrels Beachclub O


3. Breakers Beach House

The last beach club in our top 3 is Breakers Beach House. This is also our favourite from the whole Noordwijk Boulevard. Breakers Beach House is a place where you can finish your beach day with a nice cocktail and a lovely dinner. Breakers Beach House is located near the Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin, one of the most famous hotels in Noordwijk. For us, Breakers Beach House is the perfect place to finish a great sunny day at the Dutch coast!

Uitzicht beachclub breakers



Beachclub Breakers

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