Shooting during rainy days in Amsterdam

Well it wasn’t the weather that i have been hoped for this morning but kind of had to deal with it. I woke up around 8 AM and after a quick coffee break i immediately moved myself  to the city centre to take some unique pictures. The most famous places in Amsterdam, like dam square, are empty and even the shops in de Kalverstraat were still closed. A unique setting to take some pictures during a rainy and cloudy day.

Tip 1: Use the pigeons on Dam Square

So when there are not so many people to shoot, there is some kind of a replacement: pigeons.

pigeons dam square


Tip 2: Try to shoot some nice alleys


Tip 3: Use the reflections of puddles

Rain is not what you have been hoped for but it also brings some new opportunities to make some amazing content!

reflection puddles Amsterdam


The best way to get some awesome shots is to keep walking and be patient. Amsterdam is a dymamic city where situations can change every second. Most important is to have your camera settings right so you can shoot immediately.



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