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During our walk trough the city, i suddenly discovered a new hotspot for people who like to eat fish. John Dory is a typical seafood restaurant located at the Prinsengracht. With the slogan “love for the guests and love for the fish”, John Dory brought a new “fishtronomie” concept to Amsterdam. Fishtronomie stands for a lot of dishes with a fish. Below you can find an impression of the restaurant

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What also needs to be mentioned is that John Dory only serves fish that is caught in Dutch waters. Examples of dishes that you can order are mackerel, lobster of tuna (all from Dutch waters). You can make your own choice how many courses you want. John Dory is an unique concept with his own atmosphere that you definitely need to try during your stay in Amsterdam. Below you can find some general information about this seafood restaurant!

Adress: Prinsengracht 999 Amsterdam
Telephone nr: 020-6229044
Opening hours: Tue – Sat: Restaurant 17.30 – 22.30

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